How to play Checkers

Checkers is a board game for two players on a board of 64 squares. Players can move his pieces diagonally on the black squares in order to eat the opponent's pieces by jumping over them.

The board consists of 64 squares of 8 x 8 cells.

Each player has 12 tiles of the same color placed on the black squares closest to him. The goal is to capture the opponent's pieces or round them so they can not perform movements .

It is played in turns. On each turn the player moves one of his pieces . Pieces move (without eating) a position diagonally forward, left or right, to an empty square.

If the adjacent square contains an opponent piece, it may be captured (and removed from the game) by jumping over it to the unoccupied square immediately beyond it.

After a jump (eat), if the piece comes to a square under the same previously conditions, it can jump again and all times that (multi capture) possible.

If a piece reaches the opposite side of the board, promote to king. The king also moves diagonally forward and backward.

The king always has priority to eat before any other piece.

A game ends when:

A player has no pieces on the board, so he lost.

A player can not move any piece, since all his remaining pieces are blocked. Player loses.

The game can also finish in a draw if both players have a small and equal number of pieces and many movements do not solve the game.